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What is Gilmour Motion Design?

We are a post-production and design company that creates everything from TV commercials, broadcast graphics for news and sports, explainer/training videos, web ads, and social media videos, just to name a few..  We combine creativity with technical expertise to produce visually engaging, purpose driven content that drives results and sets your brands visual identity in motion.

Services We Offer

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Editing is what gives your video pacing and structure, it’s the difference between people watching your content and people scrolling past it, or clicking the “skip” button.  Editing is at the heart of the what we do and everything we do is better because of it.

Color Correction and Color Grading

Color correction and grading is what gives your footage a “look” and a “mood”.  From bright and vibrant, to dark and moody, and everything in between, Gilmour Motion Design has a ton of experience making the colors in your footage work for you.

Motion Design

Motion Design is the bread and butter of our business.  It’s more than just a shiny, flashy, exterior, it’s another tool that keeps your audience engaged and following along with your content.  Well thought out motion design is the difference between something that helps visually tell your story or just some flashy accents thrown on top your video.


Animation is a close relative, and the foundation of motion design.  When it’s done right, it’s invisible, but if it’s done wrong it makes your brand look cheap.  With animation we can breathe life into your logo, and add that extra polish to your production that gets your content noticed.

Visual Effects

We love VFX!  Visual Effects is what transforms your footage from boring to magical, by making a worthless shot invaluable.  We can make boring blown-out sky look amazing, make your set look bigger and better than it actually was, remove an annoying sign or object in the background of your shot, green screen compositing, and more!

Sound Design

The final and most important step to any production.  It’s been proven that audiences will forgive poor visuals, but bad sound will make your audience tune out quicker than anything else.  Sound design is the music, voice, and sound effects all mixed to perfection complimenting each-other and giving your production a well rounded feel.

2017 Demo Reel

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