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Producer: Chris Barriere

Design/Animation/Sound: Chad Gilmour

Edit: Pete Keffer

The idea was to create a literal interpretation of the Becoming Wild concept.  I was able to use pics and footage of our current roster, with motion graphics that travel through time as well, starting with old Beta-like or film images, eventually transitioning to crisp HD video.

The audio was the real challenge.  We were directed to include the State of Hockey anthem, but with the current versions sounding dated and no budget to remake it, I had to get creative.  I created the opening audio track using multiple stock music tracks and stems, sound design elements, audio effects to blend it all together, and then just enough of the horns from the State of Hockey anthem at the end to round everything out when the Wild logo and player enter the frame.

From there I built a number of different bumpers, lower thirds, full screen graphics and animated timelines.  Since then, the show has gone on to win multiple emmys and has been broadcas on both local and national networks.