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Lumbrella Back Brace Hype Video

Executive Producers (Lumbrella OS): Christian Weidner & Scott Hinshon

Producer, Copy, Edit, Animation, Sound: Chad Gilmour

Animation: Ryan McCauley

Director of Photography: Nick Kesler

Lumbrella OS is the brainchild of 2 medical professionals that created an amazing advancement in back brace technology.  With their target demo being ex-athletes and their product launch happening the week of Super Bowl LIII, the direction was to create a Nike/Under Armor type of hype video to demonstrate the product and garner excitement, plus create a second instructional video to show how the product should be sized and fitted.  With some amazing help from DP, Nick Kesler, and talent from NUTS limited, the final product wowed the clients as well as their product launch agency.  To see the videos in action, check out their website: