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Minnesota Wild Main Open Video 2019-2020 Season

Producer, Design, Animation: Chad Gilmour

Executive Producer: Sean Zeller

Edit: Scott Skaja

Director of Photography: Robert Durland

Camera B: Matt Hussey

Camera C: Chris Dougherty

DIT/Focus/On-Set Color:

Lighting: Tony Mahmood, Nook Schoenfeld and Legacy Productions 

Music: Get Loud for Me by Gizzle

I had the great opportunity to concept and create the Minnesota Wilds main open video for their 2019-2020 season.  With the tube-light look being very en vogue at the time, we decided to jump on board, but dial it up to 11.  With the amazing help from Legacy Lighting, we were able to suspend a grid structure over center ice that held a 25’ fattron wall and over 90 hanging titan tubes the players could interact with and skate around.  We were given only a handful of minutes per player, so we used 3 cameras to film 3 guys at a time, which allowed us to film over 20 members of the team in roughly 90 minutes!  This setup allowed us to generate enough footage to create tons of new videos, interstitials, graphic content, GIFs, and more.  The lighting setup went on to grab the attention of PLSN Magazine.