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Producer, Director, Design, Edit, Animation: Chad Gilmour

Executive Producer: Sean Zeller

Camera (LED Wall): Marko Zitzer, Matt Hussey

Assistant Director (LED Wall): Chris Barriere

Assistant Camera (Bolt): Spencer Nelson

Bolt Operators: Carsten Johnson, Josh Becker

Lighting: Tony Mahmood, Max McDougal and Legacy Productions 

Music: Deadwood by Really Slow Motion

I had the pleasure once again of working with the Minnesota Wild to concept and create the Main Opening sequence for their 2021-2022 season home games.  In order to accommodate the Wilds request to film over 20 members of the team for only a few minutes each, I pushed for a 2 station setup, with a 33’ wide LED wall, TONS of stage lighting, and a BOLT motion control camera.  The end result was like having 2 concerts put back to back and with 3 cameras rolling high-speed we ended up with a network level shoot that paid dividends all year in the form of multiple opens, hype videos, GIFs, interstitials, and various other videos and components used in-arena and online.