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Coke and Six Flags Social Media Videos

I was tasked with creating a series of social media ads for use on Facebook and Instagram that showcased the size and thrills of a Six Flags theme park, but also utilized Coke branding.

Our production team shot a Coke can on stage at various angles doing various moves. I did all of the post-processing, including finding footage that would work well with integrating the can, roto’ing the can and doing all of the necessary visual effects and compositing work.

The result was three videos that both Coke and Six Flags loved that clearly exposed viewers to both iconic brands within the first couple seconds.

Editing Projects

It's hard to judge an editor just by a demo reel, so here are a few of my favorite projects where I laid down every cut, overlay, and sound effect.

2D & 3D Animation Projects

Collection of 2D and 3D animation projects. Every layer, node, keyframe and bezier curve was laid down by myself.